WLW 6/18/22

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

WLW Heavyweight Championship: Moses (c) vs. Steve Fender was a no contest; both men shoved referee Allaney Harley – 19:27

WLW Tag Team Championship: Jon Webb & Jack Gamble def. Brandon Espinosa & Tom Coffey in the Tag Team Championship Tournament final to win the vacant title; Webb pinned Espinosa with a flip piledriver – 14:44

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship: Rahim De La Suede (c) pinned Luke Anthony with a schoolboy with illegal pulling of trunks – 9:08

Kyle Roberts pinned Austin Mulitalo with a double knee facebreaker – 6:44

Karim Brigante pinned Billy Jarrell with a lifting elbow smash – 7:19

(reverse order)

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