Dynamo Pro 2/22/20

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: Adrian Surge (c) pinned Karim Brigante with a spinebuster – 10:40

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: Camaro Jackson (c) def. Xavier Shadowz, Jayden Dominic Rose, and Orion Creed in a four-way; Creed is pinned with a swinging side slam – 7:02

Adam Rich pinned C.J. Shine; Shine missed a missile dropkick and Rich quickly covered him for the pin – 6:51

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Jackal & Jimmi LaFleur (c) def. Shorty Biggs & Outtkast by disqualification; Ricky Rodriguez attacked Jackal with a kendo stick, which got the challengers disqualified – 14:20

Rahne Victoria def. Ezra Zealous by countout; Zealous rolled out of the ring after Rahne’s spinebuster – 10:39

Makaze II (officially known as Makaze) pinned Sadie Blaze with a schoolboy with a handful of tights – 7:54

The Snitch pinned Ace Hawkins with an Olympic slam – 6:20

Ryan Ash def. Geoffrey Hyde and Khalil Akbar in a three-way; Akbar is pinned from a chokeslam from Hyde – 12:02

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Jackal (c) pinned Ricky Rodriguez (c) with a DDT; the winner would choose a new co-champion for himself (Jackal announced Tony Esteem & Jimmi LaFleur as champs under Freebird Rules) – 6:35

(reverse order)

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