Dynamo Pro 11/19/16

Knights of Columbus @ Wood River, Ill.

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: Outtkast (c) pinned Rocket Mapache with a fireman’s carry bulldog – 13:50

Matt Kenway pinned Makaze with a lariat to his downed opponent – 13:03

Brandon Espinosa pinned Keon Option with a brainbuster – 11:32

Brandon Aarons & Seabass def. Billy McNeil & Jayson Khaos; Seabass pinned McNeil with a diving elbow drop – 11:13

C.J. Shine def. Barackus by disqualification; originally a clawhold submission win for Barackus, the decision is reversed when he refuses to break the hold – 8:56

Jackal pinned Ozzie Gallagher with a schoolboy – 5:30

(reverse order)

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