SICW 8/20/16

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ron Powers (c) pinned Attila Khan with a cutter in a No Holds Barred match – 4:34

Miss Monica pinned Paloma Starr with a sitout facebuster – 8:07

Ken Kasa & Daniel Gunner def. Brandon Espinosa & Chris Hargas by disqualification; Espinosa attacked the referee – 9:53

Kahagas def. Gary Jackson and Jim Hoffarth in a three-way in a Classic Title eliminator; Jackson is pinned with a roundhouse kick – 5:55

Waco pinned Moondog Rover with a schoolboy – 5:47

Curtis Wylde & Dave Vaughn def. Sean Vincent & Johnny Blade; Vaughn pinned Blade with a double underhook DDT – 9:49

Karim Brigante pinned Jay Howard with a discus elbow smash – 6:13

Bobby D def. Jimmy D – 5:11

(reverse order)

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