MMWA Heavyweight Championship

When a man wins South Broadway’s heavyweight crown, he goes into the book with some of the toughest, roughest, and outrageous names in the last 30 years of Saint Louis wrestling history.

This title was formerly known as the MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Championship, the MO/IL Heavyweight Championship, and the MMWA Championship.

Fans, we need your help.  Please send in missing title reigns, locations, dates and/or notes if you have them.

Rob PhillipsAffton, Mo.May-85
Ed LewisAffton, Mo.Aug-85
Giant AssassinSaint Louis, Mo.Feb-86
Rob PhillipsSalem, Mo.Jul-86
Ron BrewerSaint Louis, Mo.Sep-86
Stan HurleyAffton, Mo.Jan-87
Giant AssassinAffton, Mo.Mar-87
Ron PowersSaint Louis, Mo.Feb-88
Giant AssassinSaint Louis, Mo.Apr-88
Ron PowersSaint Louis, Mo.Jul-88
Steve StunningCahokia, Ill.Nov-88
Giant AssassinSaint Louis, Mo.Jan-89
Ed SmithSaint Louis, Mo.Jul-89
Giant AssassinSaint Louis, Mo.Oct-89
Steve SharpSaint Louis, Mo.Apr-90
Chris GiacinSaint Louis, Mo.Jul-90
Giant AssassinSaint Louis, Mo.Nov-90
Chris GiacinSaint Louis, Mo.Feb-91
Giant AssassinJennings, Mo.Apr-91
Tom SullivanSaint Louis, Mo.Nov-91
Giant AssassinSaint Louis, Mo.May-92
Tom SullivanSaint Clair, Mo.Aug-92
Giant AssassinSaint Louis, Mo.Feb-93
Tom SullivanSaint Louis, Mo.Jun-93
John Blackheart1995
VACANTSep-95Blackheart retires
Danny Boy HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.12/2/95def. The Gambler in tournament final
Keith SmithSaint Louis, Mo.5/18/1996also holds MMWA Junior Heavyweight title
Danny Boy Hawkins6/22/96
John BlackheartMay-97
The GamblerDec-98
Gary JacksonDec-99
Ron PowersMar-00
Danny Boy HawkinsSaint Louis, Mo.12/9/00Referee: Ed Smith
Rick BrewerSaint Louis, Mo.4/21/01def. Gary Jackson
Geno the ExterminatorSaint Louis, Mo.10/6/01
Rick BrewerSaint Louis, Mo.1/19/02no disqualification
VACANT5/18/02Brewer injured; two Billy Diamond vs. Ace Strange bouts in July and August fail to determine champ
Billy DiamondSaint Louis, Mo.9/14/02def. Ace Strange; no time limit, no disqualification
Ace StrangeSaint Louis, Mo.9/14/02Diamond gives the title to Strange immediately after match
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.10/4/03def. Brian Brunnell, Jerome Cody, Johnny Boland, Mike Covington, Phil E. Blunt, Rick Brewer, and Geno the Exterminator in elimination match for vacant title
Gary Jackson8/14/04
Phil E. BluntSaint Louis, Mo.3/12/05
Jerome CodySaint Louis, Mo.7/9/05
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.12/3/05
Mr. BibbsSaint Louis, Mo.4/15/063-way w/ Jerome Cody
Jerome CodySaint Louis, Mo.5/13/06
Jeremy LightfootSaint Louis, Mo.7/8/06
ShaftSaint Louis, Mo.9/8/07
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.11/3/073-way w/ Jeremy Lightfoot
Kevin XSaint Louis, Mo.1/5/08
Jerome CodyEast Carondelet, Ill.2/16/08
Kevin XSaint Louis, Mo.5/10/08
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.10/4/08
ShaftSaint Louis, Mo.11/1/08won by no-show forfeit
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.12/6/08
Phil E. BluntSaint Louis, Mo.8/8/09
Dave VaughnSaint Louis, Mo.1/9/103-way w/ Gary Jackson
Donovan RuddickSaint Louis, Mo.11/6/10
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.12/4/10
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.1/21/12lumberjack match
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.5/12/12
Big Dave OsborneSaint Louis, Mo.2/16/13
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.6/8/133-way w/ Gary Jackson
Brian JamesSaint Louis, Mo.12/7/13King of Cable cash-in
Brandon EspinosaSaint Louis, Mo.2/8/14
Da’Marius JonesSaint Louis, Mo.1/10/15
A.J. WilliamsSaint Louis, Mo.5/9/15contract cash-in after Jones had already wrestled
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.7/11/15held up after a double-fall draw vs. Jones
Kevin Lee DavidsonSaint Louis, Mo.9/12/15three-way w/ Williams and Jones
Gary JacksonSaint Louis, Mo.12/5/15strap match (pin, submission)
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.6/11/16held up after 3-way loss to both Jones & Williams
A.J. WilliamsSaint Louis, Mo.7/9/16Championship Scramble w/ 3 previous champs
Kevin Lee DavidsonSaint Louis, Mo.11/12/16
VACANT11/25/16stripped; Davidson says he won’t defend
Moondog RoverSaint Louis, Mo.7/8/17def. Ace Hawkins in tournament final
The Big TexanSaint Louis, Mo.1/13/18
Brian JamesSaint Louis, Mo.4/14/18Falls Count Anywhere match
BarackusSaint Louis, Mo.3/9/19
Ricky CruzSaint Louis, Mo.3/9/19“any time, anywhere” contract redemption
KahymanSaint Louis, Mo.9/14/193-way w/ Curtis Wylde; won by countout
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.10/12/19title held up after Wylde cheats to beat Kahyman; Wylde not recognized as champ
Curtis WyldeSaint Louis, Mo.11/9/19def. Kahyman; also holds SICW title
Frankie DSaint Louis, Mo.2/8/20
VACANTSaint Louis, Mo.4/10/21Frankie injured.
Moondog RoverSaint Louis, Mo.5/8/21def. The Big Texan for vacant title
Damian BladeSaint Louis, Mo.11/13/21four corners dog collar match
Benjamin TrustSaint Louis, Mo.4/9/22lumberjack match
KahymanSaint Louis, Mo.10/8/22coffin match
Blake SteelSaint Louis, Mo.5/13/23

Credit: Patrick Brandmeyer, Gary Weiss, David Creahin

3 Replies to “MMWA Heavyweight Championship”

  1. What ever Happened to Giant Assassin And Keith smith and Ed smith.
    I moved away to Sikeston Mo and I remember watching all these and Big daddy

    1. Hi Charlie. Keith Smith and Giant Assassin are retired but Keith can still be seen at some local events. Until recently, Keith was the SICW Commissioner. Ed Smith has passed away, but he was inducted into the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2015. Big Daddy manages a stable of top wrestlers in SICW.

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