WLW 8/29/15

Troy Buchanan High School @ Troy, Mo.

WLW Heavyweight Championship: Leland Race (c) vs. Steve Anthony was a time limit draw – 20:00

WLW Tag Team Championship: Steve Fender & Dangerous Derek (c) def. Dave DeLorean & Jayden Fenix by reversed decision disqualification when the referee discovered a chain on Fenix; originally a pinfall victory for the challengers – 21:12

WLW Ladies Championship: Heather Patera def. Stacey O’Brien (c) 2-1 in a best-of-three falls match to win the title; Patera pinned O’Brien with feet on the ropes, O’Brien pinned Patera with a double knee backbreaker, Patera knocked O’Brien out when Stacey’s head hit a turnbuckle – 12:00

Jon Webb pinned Ace Hawkins with a shiranui – 12:30

Trevor Murdoch & Brian Breaker def. Moonshine Mantell & Josef Von Schmidt; Murdoch pinned Mantell with a doomsday clothesline – 12:35

Kyle Roberts & Brandon Espinosa def. Kevin Lee Davidson & Hannibal; Roberts pinned Hannibal with a frog splash – 10:08

Justin D’Air def. Mike Outlaw, Evan Morris, Jack Gamble, Jake Grierson, Josh Calisto, and Roy Lewis in a battle royal; Gamble is last eliminated – 10:03

(reverse order)

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