Dynamo Pro 8/24/19

Matteson Square Garden @ St. Peters, Mo.

Fighting for Autism Heavyweight Championship: Da’Marius Jones pinned Brent Banner (c) with a sunset flip to win the title (this was an impromptu title shot redemption) – 1:12

Glacier, Brent Banner, & Dwayne Smith def. Makaze, Tony Esteem, & Jimmi LaFleur; Glacier pinned Makaze after a martial arts chop – 14:19

Marc Godeker pinned Buff Bagwell with a rollup with illegal leverage – 4:44

Da’Marius Jones def. Kenny Alfonso, Terraine Casey, Will Legett, Big Vik, Lance Declue, Cousin Nathan, Ezra Zealous, Devin James, Quinton O’Brien, Retro Champ, Mark McLean, Coljac, The Sleeper, Matt Winkle, Zack Guerrillas, Luke Skyslammer, Danny Adams, Xavier Shadowz, Camaro Jackson, Khalil Akbar, C.J. Shine, Shiroi Senshi, Mike Outlaw, and Heart Throb Jaden in a Royal Rumble (entrance order shown, Jones was first); Shine is last eliminated (Jones won an anywhere, anytime title shot) – 39:17

Fighting for Autism U.S. Championship: Lockie pinned Adrian Surge (c) to win the title; Tony Esteem hit Surge with a title belt when the referee was distracted – 12:39

Ryan Ash pinned Dirty Ron McDonald in a no disqualification match with a rollup with illegal leverage – 10:27

Fighting for Autism Women’s Championship: Savanna Stone def. Rahne Victoria, Seishin, and Tamika Brents in a four-way to win the vacant title; all three opponents are pinned after Seishin is superbombed off the top rope onto the others – 6:43

Fighting For Autism Intercontinental Championship: Mike Outlaw def. Ezra Zealous and Heart Throb Jaden in a three-way to win the vacant title; Roller is pinned from Zealous’s DDT – 9:32

Kevin Ryan pinned James Brady after a 450˚ splash – 12:18

(reverse order)

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