Dynamo Pro 7/21/22

Gateway Harley-Davidson @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Geoffrey Hyde def. (elimination order) I.P. Mason, Tommy Davis, Jackal, Tony Esteem, Dion, Ashlyn Alexander, Ricky Rodriguez, The Snitch, and C.J. Shine in a battle royal to receive the Gateway Harley-Davidson trophy belt – 9:19

Ashlyn Alexander pinned Jackal with a lariat – 12:41

Tommy Davis pinned Tony Esteem with a flying knee strike – 6:06

The Snitch pinned Ricky Rodriguez with an elevated sitout suplex slam – 6:06

Ricky Cruz pinned Geoffrey Hyde with a cutter – 6:09

C.J. Shine pinned Chris Kade with a fireman’s carry cutter – 8:57

(reverse order)

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