SICW 3/30/19

St James Catholic Church @ Millstadt, Ill.

Ricky Cruz pinned Kowalski with a diving elbow drop in a steel cage match – 12:02

Christopher Hargas def. Sean Vincent by crossface submission – 11:01

Ken Kasa & Khayman def. Waco & The Big Texan; Kasa pinned Waco with a Death Drop – 11:37

Curtis Wylde pinned Frankie D after hitting Frankie with an unseen object – 7:19

Billy McNeil pinned Jake Lawless (formerly known as Jake Law) – 14:11

Gary Jackson pinned Steve Michaels – 6:32

Damion Cortess pinned Richard Shaw (formerly known as Richard Faith) – 4:45

Moondog Rover pinned Jake Prater – 4:50

(reverse order)

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