Dynamo Pro 12/17/22

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: The Snitch (c) def. James Brady, Tommy Davis, and C.J. Shine (entry and elimination order) in a gauntlet match; Snitch pinned Brady with an elevated DDT, Snitch pinned Davis with a schoolboy with a handful of tights, Snitch pinned Shine with an elevated DDT – 22:31

Chris Exodus pinned Adrian Surge with a small package – 9:15

Savanna Stone & Madi Monarch def. Hayley Shadows & Ashlyn Alexander; Savanna rolled up Ashlyn after Ashlyn accidentally knocked Hayley off the ring apron – 13:14

L-Ride pinned Big Vik with a 450˚ Splash – 7:01

Ricky Cruz def. Xavier Shadowz and I.P. Mason in a three-way; Mason is pinned with a cutter – 7:16

Big Daddy Dion pinned Makaze with a DDT – 8:30

Jackal & Jimmi LaFleur def. DK Coltello & Jesse Jay; Jackal pinned Jay with an inverted double underhook facebuster – 8:36

(reverse order)

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