SICW 8/19/17

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Ken Kasa def. Steve Fender by disqualification; Travis Cook and Chris Hargas interfered on behalf of Fender – 13:30

Curtis Wylde def. Moondog Rover in a strap match by tagging all four corners; guest referee Wyldefyre kicked Rover low to enable the win – 10:44

Marc Houston & Johnny Blade def. Gary Jackson & Flash Flanagan; Blade pinned Jackson with a figure-four leglock – 10:31

Manny Fernandez pinned The New Raging Bull with a schoolboy – 5:57

Troll def. The Big Texan, Keith Smith Jr., Ax Allwardt, Jimmy D, and Clint Poe in a body slam challenge gauntlet; order listed is order entered – 1:34

Nathan & Matt Starr def. Bobby D & Jimmy D; Matt pinned Bobby with a German suplex – 10:22

Ax Allwardt pinned Keith Smith Jr. with a piledriver – 6:16

(reverse order)

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