MMWA 8/13/16

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

A.J. Williams & Da’Marius Jones def. Kevin Lee Davidson in a handicap tag match; Williams pinned Davidson when Davidson lost his balance when attempting a suplex – 13:05

Gary Jackson def. B.T. Daramola in a No Holds Barred match by cloverleaf submission – 8:41

MMWA TV Championship: Brian James pinned Danny Adams (c) to win the title after Connors ran in unseen and hit Adams with the belt – 5:32

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Brandon Espinosa (c) pinned J’Mal Swagg with a big boot – 14:30

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Everett Connors pinned Brandon Aarons (c) with a chickenwing facebuster to win the title – 9:40

Jim Hoffarth pinned Jimmy D with a double underhook powerbomb – 3:39

Barackus def. Moondog Rover and Evan Gelistico in a three-way to qualify for the St. Louis Cup tournament; Gelistico is pinned from Rover’s falling powerslam – 6:49

Damion Cortess pinned Matt Kenway with an Argentine neckbreaker – 4:25

(reverse order)

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