Dynamo Pro 5/21/22

Midwest Sport Hockey @ Ballwin, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Women’s Championship: Rahne Victoria (c) def. Madi Exodus and Ashlyn Alexander in a three-way; Alexander is pinned with tights pulled unseen

Dynamo Pro Championship: Camaro Jackson (c) pinned Tommy Davis with a lariat

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Tony Esteem & Jimmi LaFleur (c) def. Ricky Rodriguez & Dion by disqualification; LaFleur fooled the referee into believing Rodriguez hit LaFleur with a steel chair

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Mike Outlaw (c) pinned The Snitch after hitting him with a rollerblade shoe – 9:47

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: C.J. Shine (c) pinned Adrian Surge with a fireman’s carry cutter

(reverse order)

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