Anarchy 5/6/22

Spaulding Club @ Alton, Ill.

Gateway Heritage Championship: Gary Jay (c) pinned John Wayne Murdoch with a rolling elbow in a No Disqualification match – 16:24

Kenny Alfonso pinned Thomas Shire with a sunset flip powerbomb for the pin – 11:35

Derek Neal pinned Manders with a fisherman buster – 10:11

Aaron Williams pinned Mat Fitchett by rolling through a re-entry sunset flip and holding the ropes for illegal leverage – 11:55

Evan Gelistico def. Adrian Surge, Moonshine Mantell, Campbell Myers, Chase Holliday, and Jay Marston in a six-way; Marston is pinned from Mantell’s Alabama Slam – 5:56

Davey Vega def. Mike Bailey by sharpshooter submission – 17:29

Jeremy Wyatt pinned Chip Day with a piledriver – 9:06

Camaro Jackson & Matt Kenway def. Victor Analog & Anakin Murphy; Camaro pinned Murphy after he and Kenway hit a powerbomb/diving clothesline combo – 6:59

Billie Starkz pinned Kody Lane with a swanton bomb – 7:32

Christian Rose def. Jake Dirden by Boston crab submission in a lumberjack match – 10:40

Sean Orleans def. Nick King by disqualification; Evan Gelistico & Adrian Surge attacked Orleans – 10:59

Solomon Tupu & Mike Hartenbower def. Orion Starlight (formerly Orion Creed) & Jaques Kennedy; Tupu pinned Starlight with a uranagi – 3:10

(reverse order)

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