WLW 6/1/19

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

Leland Race pinned Colton Theron Vaught with a Go 2 Sleep – 30:12

WLW Heavyweight Championship: Derek Stone (c) pinned Camaro Jackson with a Michinoku driver II – 14:24

Jon Webb pinned Moses with a running single leg high knee; originally scheduled to open the card, Webb declined then, but now demanded the match – 7:33

WLW Tag Team Championship: Rex & Kyle Roberts (c) def. Moses & Rahim De La Suede in an open challenge; Rex pinned Moses from a Kyle Roberts frog splash – 10:50

Steve Fender vs. Austin Cravens was a time limit draw – 15:00

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship: Da’Marius Jones (c) pinned Kyle Roberts with a leaping reverse STO – 6:59

Mike Sydal pinned Rahim De La Suede with a crucifix – 8:43

(reverse order)

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