Dynamo Pro 7/16/16

Sports Academy @ Glen Carbon, Ill.

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Jon Webb & Jack Gamble (c) def. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby; Gamble pinned McDarby with a Michinoku Driver II – 12:36

Makaze pinned Jayson Khaos with a diving leg drop – 8:20

Mike Outlaw pinned Billy McNeil with a diving elbow drop – 6:50

The Snitch pinned C.J. Shine with illegal rope leverage – 9:35

Ozzie Gallagher pinned Jackal with a schoolboy after an unseen low blow – 7:58

Ric Maverick def. Matt Kenway by cobra clutch submission – 5:25

Brandon Espinosa pinned Paco Gonzalez with a brainbuster – 8:48

(reverse order)

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