Midwest Territory Championship

The Midwest Territory Championship is Glory Pro’s secondary singles prize.

A single-elimination tournament began on July 28, 2019. In the first round, Stephen Wolf def. Myron Reed, Seishin def. Laynie Luck, Rohit Raju def. Danny Adams, and Manders def. Mark Wheeler, Mike Outlaw, Billy Brash, Kody Lane, and Josh Bishop in a six-way.

In the semifinals, Rohit Raju def. Seishin and Myron Reed (who replaced injured Wolf) def. Manders.

Rohit RajuBelleville, Ill.11/24/19def. Myron Reed in steel cage tournament final; wrestles as Hakim Zane until 5/22/21
Tootie LynnSaint Louis, Mo.11/7/21four-way with Dan the Dad and Ethan Price
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