MMWA 7/24/21

The Ambassador @ Saint Louis, Mo.

MMWA Tag Team Championship: Ricky Cruz & Keith Smith Jr. (c) def. Kahyman & Damion Cortess; Cruz pinned Kahyman with an Oklahoma roll – 11:37

MMWA Championship: Moondog Rover (c) pinned Damian Blade with a schoolboy – 5:00

Jayden Dominic Rose def. Sean Patrick and Stephan Newton in a three-way; Newton is pinned with a knee drop – 10:20

C.J. Shine pinned Outtkast with a fireman’s carry cutter – 9:53

PT Beckham pinned Frodo The Ghost with a double underhook facebuster – 10:15

Ryan Ash pinned Johnathon Zulu with an inverted double underhook facebuster – 14:00

Shiroi Senshi pinned Rick Ruby with a diving crossbody – 5:00

(reverse order)

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