Anarchy 10/7/22

SJMBC – Celebration 2 Center @ Alton, Ill.

Gary Jay pinned Davey Vega with a sliding forearm – 16:51

Aaron Williams pinned Victor Analog with a buzzsaw kick to the back of the head – 12:29

Davey Richards pinned Manders with a clutch piledriver – 12:50

K.C. Karrington & Moonshine Mantell def. Moses & Rahim De La Suede; Karrington pinned Moses after he and Mantell hit an Alabama Slam/flying boot combo – 8:46

Jeremy Wyatt pinned Kenny Alfonso with a piledriver – 13:16

Thomas Shire pinned Anakin Murphy with a powerbomb – 6:23

Camaro Jackson pinned Koko Lane (formerly Kody Lane) with a lariat – 9:27

Mad Dog Connelly def. Craig Mitchell, Nick King, and Dimitri Alexandrov in a four-way; Alexandrov is pinned with a lariat – 6:35

Christian Rose def. Adrian Surge by elevated Boston Crab submission – 9:13

Sean Orleans pinned Jay Marston with a forward-roll cradle – 4:50

Devin O’Neal pinned Steven O’Neal with a swinging DDT – 5:50

(reverse order)

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