WLW Tag Team Championship

Fans, we need your help.  Send in corrections and/or notes if you have them.

Steve Fender & Matt MurphySpringfield, Mo.8/1/01def. Don & Ron Harris
Trevor Murdoch & Bull SchmittEldon, Mo.11/10/01
Steve Fender & Matt MurphyTroy, Mo.2/23/02
Trevor Murdoch & Wade ChismLebanon, Mo.3/8/02
Steve Fender & Matt Murphy2002Ace Steel is occasional sub for Fender
VACANTEldon, Mo.2/22/03stripped after Murphy injury
Josh Besore & Marc GodekerEldon, Mo.2/22/03def. Chism & Murdoch in tournament final
Steve Fender & Mason HunterEldon, Mo.2/14/04
Dakota & Cody HawkRichmond, Mo.4/23/04
VACANTWinona, Mo.4/24/04stripped after match w/ two above teams
Derek McQuinn & T-MoneyEldon, Mo.6/5/04def. Murdoch & Fender in tournament final
Wade Chism & DakotaKansas City, Mo.11/13/04
Steve Fender & Ace SteelOzark, Mo.5/7/05
Ty Dalton & AngeloEldon, Mo.1/28/06def. Robert Anthony & Scarpone in tournament final
Wade Chism & Mike DiBiaseMaryland Heights, Mo.12/9/06
Dinn T. Moore & Brandon TatumEldon, Mo.3/17/07def. Fender & Dakota
Steve Fender & Darin WaidMaryland Heights, Mo.10/27/07
Steve Anthony & Marc GodekerMaryland Heights, Mo.3/8/08
Brian Breaker & Dinn T. MooreWarsaw, Mo.10/24/08
Dustin Lane & Darin WaidRichmond, Mo.1/30/09
Steve Anthony & Bao NguyenWaterloo, Iowa7/10/09Leland Race subbed for Lane
Steve Fender & Mark SterlingEl Dorado Springs, Mo.3/6/10def. Breaker & Ryan Drago in tournament final
Ethan Wright & The Cancun KidEldon, Mo.3/12/11
Jack Gamble & Jeff StrongRichmond, Mo.11/12/11def. Steve Fender & Mark Sterling
Jack Gamble & Jon Webb9/15/12Webb chosen as replacement
Elvis Aliaga & Ryan DragoSpringfield, Mo.11/10/12
Britton Tucker & Kris WallaceEldon, Mo.4/19/13
Dave DeLorean & Michael MagnusonLinn, Mo.8/31/13
Jack Gamble & Jon WebbRichmond, Mo.8/16/14
Dave DeLorean & Michael MagnusonVienna, Mo.8/29/14
Jack Gamble & Jon WebbLinn, Mo.9/13/14
VACANT3/10/15Gamble & Webb go to Japan for three months
Dave DeLorean & Jayden FenixTroy, Mo.6/26/15def. Brandon Espinosa & Justin D’Air in tournament final
Steve Fender & Derek McQuinnTroy, Mo.6/26/15Fender redeemed his Race Invitational trophy after the above match
Dave DeLorean & Michael MagnusonTroy, Mo.3/19/16Mark Sterling subbed for McQuinn
VACANTAugust 2016The Black Hand Warriors disband.
Brandon Espinosa & Steve FenderTroy, Mo.11/4/17def. Kyle Roberts & Warwick Stephans
Scott Steiner & Kyle RobertsMoscow Mills, Mo.3/10/18
Brandon Espinosa & Steve FenderTroy, Mo.5/5/18title returned; weapons were used in previous win
Kyle Roberts & RexTroy, Mo.10/6/18
Derek Stone & Jon WebbTroy, Mo.10/12/19
Colton Theron Vaught & MosesTroy, Mo.2/22/20
Camaro Jackson & Jon WebbTroy, Mo.7/11/20
Kyle Roberts & Colton Theron VaughtTroy, Mo.5/1/21Derek Stone subbed for Jackson via Freebird Rule
VACANTTroy, Mo.2/12/22unable to schedule first round defense as part of the tag team title tournament
Jon Webb & Jack GambleTroy, Mo.6/18/22def. Brandon Espinosa & Tom Coffey in tournament final
Brandon Espinosa & Kyle RobertsTroy, Mo.8/13/22
Luke Anthony & Bill JarrellTroy, Mo.11/5/22
Brandon Espinosa & Kyle RobertsTroy, Mo.12/10/22
Camaro Jackson & Leland RaceTroy, Mo.6/3/23

Credit: wrestling-titles.com

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