SICW 8/13/22

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Curtis Wylde def. Attila Khan (c) by disqualification; Attila refused to release a chokehold at the referee’s five-count – 9:57

Cowboy Bob Orton & Brandon Barretta def. Kowalski & Mauler McDarby; Barretta pinned McDarby after hitting him with the cast on his arm – 10:13

Flash Flanagan def. Sheik Jake Prater by disqualification; Prater backdropped Flanagan over the top rope – 4:35

Bobby D & The Big Texan def. King Christopher Hargas & Richard Shaw; Bobby D pinned Shaw with a German suplex – 10:03

Billy McNeil pinned Hollis Giroux after a diving elbow drop – 9:44

Gary Jackson pinned Sean Vincent with a fisherman suplex – 11:07

Jayson Breed pinned The Intern with a rollup after Intern almost hit Vincent with a chain by mistake – 4:43

El Diablo pinned Waco with a crucifix – 5:51

(reverse order)

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