Grandel 10/22/22

Pop’s NightClub & Concert Venue @ Sauget, Ill. (Attendance: 200)

Thomas Shire def. Gary Jay in a Last Man Standing match (billed as a “Texas Death Match”) after an inverted airplane spin onto exposed ring boards – 17:17

Camaro Jackson pinned Mysterious Q with a lariat – 9:24

Mason St. Goods def. Marcus Muncherson, Ezio Orlandi, and Myron De’Monne (formerly Ryu Kendrick) in a four-way; De’Monne is pinned with a running big boot – 4:39

Dak Draper pinned Moses with a fireman’s carry slam – 8:43

Rahim De La Suede pinned Jah-C with a schoolboy with unseen leverage from Rahim’s manager Aminah Belmont – 12:20

Tootie Lynn pinned MJ Jenkins with a sunset flip powerbomb – 7:11

Ethan Price pinned Aaron Williams with a fireman’s carry spinebuster – 8:23

Kenny Alfonso & Rocky Romero def. Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs; Alfonso pinned Nelson with a shiranui – 15:15

Frodo The Ghost pinned Adrian Surge from an unseen three-on-one chokeslam from Frodo, Clownvis, and Kevin Lee Davidson – 5:51

Blair Onyx pinned Laynie Luck with a prawn hold – 7:46

Davey Vega pinned Mike Outlaw with a brainbuster onto Vega’s knee 10:56

(reverse order)

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