Dynamo Pro 5/6/23

Cherokee St & Iowa Ave @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Ricky Cruz, Makaze, & Ricky Rodriguez def. Jackal, Tony Esteem, & Jimmi LaFleur; Makaze pinned Esteem with a fisherman suplex – 15:07

Adrian Surge pinned Chris Exodus with a swinging fisherman buster – 11:04

L-Ride pinned Tyler Blake with a 450º splash – 8:59

L-Ride def. Mazoku, Tyler Blake, Tony Esteem, Jimmy LaFleur, Jackal, Big Vik, Xavier Shadowz, Geoffrey Hyde, Big Daddy Dion, The Snitch, Adrian Surge, DK Coltello, I.P. Mason, Shawn Blaze, Chris Exodus, Ricky Cruz, Ricky Rodriguez, Kahyman, and Tommy Davis in a battle royal; Davis is last eliminated

Dynamo Pro Championship: The Snitch (c) pinned Madi Monarch with a sitout elevated DDT – 9:36

Adrian Surge pinned Geoffrey Hyde with a big boot – 11:54

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Big Vik & Xavier Shadowz (c) def. DK Coltello & I.P. Mason and Mazoku & Tyler Blake in a three-way; Vik pinned Blake with a pop-up powerbomb – 14:39

L-Ride & Madi Monarch def. Tommy Davis & Ashlyn Alexander in an intergender match; Madi pinned Davis with a sunset flip bomb – 7:48

Ricky Rodriguez def. Tony Esteem by disqualification; Jackal attacked Rodriguez – 6:09

Madi Monarch vs. Tommy Davis was a no contest; Davis delivered a package piledriver and attempted a second one, causing L-Ride to enter the ring on behalf of Madi and then Ashlyn Alexander to enter on behalf of Davis

Kahyman pinned Shawn Blaze with a swanton bomb – 6:52

The Snitch pinned Chris Exodus with a sitout elevated DDT – 12:29

Ricky Cruz pinned Big Daddy Dion with a pop-up cutter – 7:54

Adrian Surge pinned Jesse Jay with a swinging fisherman buster – 6:53

ATM pinned I.P. Mason with a frog splash – 5:54

(reverse order)

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