Dynamo Pro 7/22/17

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: Brandon Aarons (c) pinned Dingo with a superkick – 16:20

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Ace Hawkins pinned Brandon Espinosa (c) with a DDT to win the title in a No Holds Barred match – 18:20

Adrian Surge pinned Justin D’Air with a spinebuster – 12:15

Savanna Stone pinned Rahne Victoria with a shiranui – 7:07

C.J. Shine pinned Thomas Munos with a schoolboy – 4:57

Viktor Von Stein & Xavier Shadowz def. Jackal & Frodo Meyer; Von Stein pinned Meyer with a leg drop – 11:32

The Snitch pinned Ozzie Gallagher with a schoolboy – 3:56

(reverse order)

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