Dynamo Pro 5/7/22

Cherokee St & Iowa Ave @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: Camaro Jackson (c) pinned ATM with a lariat

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Mike Outlaw pinned Adrian Surge (c) with a diving elbow drop to win the title – 15:06

Ricky Rodriguez pinned DK Coltello with a leg drop bulldog

Big Vik pinned Kemon with an elbow drop

C.J. Shine pinned I.P. Mason with a missile dropkick

Madi Exodus def. Chris Exodus and Jackal in a three-way; Jackal is pinned with a reverse Russian leg sweep

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Adrian Surge pinned Mike Outlaw (c) to win the title after hitting him unseen with title belt – 10:04

Tony Esteem pinned Jake Prater with a headlock driver

Chris Exodus & L-Ride def. Ricky Rodriguez & Dion; L-Ride pinned Dion after a double-team maneuver

Kahyman pinned Garrett Shanks with a senton bomb

Eli Rossi pinned ATM with a gutwrench powerbomb

Big Vik pinned Geoffrey Hyde with a lariat

The Snitch def. Ricky Rodriguez, Adrian Surge, Ashlyn Alexander, Makaze, Chris Exodus, Garrett Shanks, Dion, Kahyman, ATM, L-Ride, Madi Lee Exodus, Tommy Davis, C.J. Shine, Kemon, I.P. Mason, and DK Coltello (reverse elimination order) in a battle royal

Tommy Davis & Ashlyn Alexander def. Joey O’Riley & Rahne Victoria in an intergender match; Davis pinned O’Riley with a lariat

ATM pinned Dick Douglass with a pumphandle into a knee smash

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Jimmi LaFleur & Jackal (c) def. Moses & Rahim De La Suede and Big Vik & Shadowz in a three-way; LaFleur pinned Rahim from Jackal’s inverted double underhook facebuster

Tommy Davis pinned Kahyman with a running single leg high knee

The Snitch pinned Geoffrey Hyde after an unseen low blow

Rahne Victoria pinned Ashlyn Alexander after hitting her unseen with the women’s title belt

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: C.J. Shine (c) pinned Damian Blade with a missile dropkick

(reverse order)

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