Dynamo Pro 5/22/21

Sports Academy @ Glen Carbon, Ill.

Ricky Cruz pinned Super Crazy by reversing a La Majistral cradle – 10:51

Dynamo Pro Championship: Adrian Surge (c) def. Benjamin Trust by cobra clutch submission – 16:19

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Tony Esteem & Jackal (c) def. Outtkast & Xavier Shadowz and Chris Hendrix & A.T.M. in a three-way; Esteem pinned Hendrix from a fireman’s carry bulldog from Outtkast – 9:47

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: Camaro Jackson (c) pinned Bandolero with a lariat – 8:49

Scott Ramsey def. Sadie Blaze by sharpshooter submission (former referee Ramsey wrestled under a mask as the second “Makaze”); after the match, Blaze ripped off the mask of the pretender – 5:21

Benjamin Trust def. The Snitch, C.J. Shine, Eli Rossi, Frodo The Ghost (formerly Frodo Meyer), Geoffrey Hyde, Sadie Blaze, Makaze II, Jackal, Tony Esteem, Jake Prater, A.T.M., Chris Hendrix, Outtkast, Xavier Shadowz, Garrett Shanks, Anthony Kane, Kemon, Casey James, and Kevin Hrobowski in a Royal Rumble match (reverse elimination order) – 33:49

(reverse order)

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