WLW 3/27/21

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

Jaden def. Derek Stone, Jack Gamble, Leland Race, Kyle Roberts, Colton Theron Vaught, Jayden Dominic Rose, Niles Plonk, Sean Patrick, Mike Sydal, Stephan Newton, Jon Webb, Sabotage, Chris Hendricks, and Brandon Espinosa (in reverse elimination order) in a Royal Rumble match – 30:07

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship: Jayden Dominic Rose pinned Sean Patrick (c) with a double knee backbreaker to win the title – 13:33

Mike Sydal pinned Jon Webb with a Michinoku Driver II – 7:43

Kyle Roberts pinned Derek Stone with a victory roll – 7:52

Brandon Espinosa pinned Sabotage with a brainbuster – 7:45

(reverse order)

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