WLW 11/6/21

World League Wrestling @ Troy, Mo.

Moses & Rahim De La Suede def. Matt Sydal & Kenny Alfonso to advance to the Tag Team Championship Tournament semifinals; Moses made Alfonso submit to a Boston crab – 14:29

Derek Stone pinned Leland Race to become top heavyweight contender after falling on him from Race’s vertical suplex attempt from the apron into the ring (Malice Mayhem tripped Race outside the referee’s view) – 12:55

Jon Webb pinned Brandon Espinosa with a spladle – 8:54

Steve Fender pinned Billy Jarrell with a superkick – 12:36

Jayden Dominic Rose pinned Camaro Jackson with a schoolboy – 10:56

Tom Coffey pinned Dustin Heath with a spinebuster – 3:45

(reverse order)

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