Dynamo Pro 7/12/14

Sports Academy @ Glen Carbon, Ill.

Jake Dirden, Outtkast, & Shorty Biggs def. Ricky Cruz, Jeremy Wyatt, & Mark Sterling; Biggs pinned Sterling – 13:33

Steven Kennedy def.  Mike Sydal, Jake Parnell, Brandon Gallagher, Bradley Charles, Alexandre Rudolph, Dan Walsh, Mike Outlaw, Patrick Hook, Danny Adams, Paco Gonzalez, Brent Myers, Justin D’Air, Armchair Luchador, and Jonah Turk in a battle royal; Gallagher is last eliminated

Gary Jay pinned Billy McNeil – 13:18

PWP Tag Team Championship: Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling (c) def. Mike Sydal & Brandon Aarons; Sterling pinned Sydal – 10:55

HVW Livewire Championship: Dan Walsh (c) def. Steven Kennedy, Mike Outlaw, and Davey Vega in a four-way match; Outlaw is pinned – 8:16

Brittany Garrett pinned Jordynne Grace – 6:42

Bradley Charles pinned Brandon Gallagher – 7:10

Jake Parnell & Alexandre Rudolph def. Outtkast & Shorty Biggs; Parnell pinned Outtkast – 12:00

Jackal def. Rocket Mapache, Pierre Abernathy, Danny Adams, Paco Gonzalez, and Brent Myers in a six-way match; Myers is pinned – 7:00

(reverse order)

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