Multi-State Tag Team Championship

In 2018, MMWA’s Tony Casta, SICW’s Herb Simmons, and New Breed Wrestling’s Scott Zei founded an inter-promotional tag team title. Impact Pro (Iowa) and 3XW (Iowa) joined the agreement thereafter.

The champions can defend the title at any of the companies’ events.

The Iceman & The Math MagicianEldon, Mo.10/27/18def. Camaro Jackson & Kenny Alfonso, David Cattin & Tyler Grey, Richard Goldman & Calvin Aldridge in a four-way elimination
The Big Texan & WacoEast Carondelet, Ill.4/20/19No Holds Barred match
Marc Godeker & Tyler GreyCahokia, Ill.9/7/19impromptu match
VACANT4/5/21Godeker and Grey have retired; Scott Zei quietly confirms the title is vacant