SICW 12/15/18

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Flash Flanagan def. Travis Cook by figure-four leglock submission in a steel cage match – 3:06

Flash Flanagan, Ricky Cruz, Billy McNeil, & Ken Kasa def. Steve Fender, Kowalski, Christopher Hargas, & Attila Khan in an elimination steel cage match (if Flanagan’s team won, Travis Cook would be trapped in the cage for five minutes with the surviving team members; if Fender’s team won, the last opponent eliminated would leave SICW for six months); Hargas PIN Kasa, Cruz SUB Khan, McNeil PIN Hargas, Kowalski PIN McNeil, Fender PIN Cruz, Flanagan PIN Kowalski, Flanagan PIN Fender with an Oklahoma roll – 28:06

Gil Rogers def. Jaden Roller by disqualification; Roller threw Rogers over the top rope – 12:13

Gary Jackson, Moondog Rover, & Khayman def. Jake Prater, Shawn Santel, & Mauler McDarby; Jackson pinned Prater with a schoolboy – 8:56

The Big Texan & Waco def. Keith Smith & P.T. Beckham; Waco pinned Smith from a splash from Texan – 12:07

Sean Vincent pinned Brady Shadeux with a fireman’s carry takeover – 6:00

Bobby D pinned Tony Raze with a sunset flip – 4:02

(reverse order)

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