SICW Illinois Championship (Defunct)

Before 2011, SICW promoter Herb Simmons rarely had any championships exclusive to his company. Instead, he co-promoted the titles from the South Broadway Athletic Club (MMWA).

He did sanction a secondary title to the MMWA crown at least twice. The SICW Illinois Heavyweight Championship probably originated in the early 80s. Simmons credits Spike Huber’s persuasion as a reason for the secondary prize.

A second SICW-exclusive singles title was sanctioned in 1992. It was referred to as the SICW Heavyweight Championship. They are listed here together, as they never overlapped and served the same purpose (unlike the Classic Title in 2011, which was a top prize).

Bull Branigan
Gary Lawler
Bull BraniganJun-84
Gary LawlerJun-84
Spike HuberNov-84
The Spoiler1985
Tom Sullivan6/6/92def. Giant Assassin
ABANDONEDSullivan wins MMWA-SICW title in 8/92; may be be a unification

 Credit: David Creahin

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