Resurgence Championship (Defunct)

Originally the prize of Sean Orleans’s upstart company Pro Wrestling Resurgence, the title was defended at small events in Swansea. The company merged with Glory Pro, and the “Resurgence” branded events became somewhat of a Glory Pro developmental league.

Everett Connors won a four-man tournament on April 8, 2017 to become inaugural champ. Brandon Espinosa and Paco were eliminated in the semifinals.

This title was previously known as the Pro Wrestling Resurgence Championship.

Everett ConnorsSwansea, Ill.4/8/17def. Jason Roberts in tournament final
Donovan DijakSwansea, Ill.7/23/173-way w/ Shane Sabre
VACANT7/23/17Promotion merges with Glory Pro
Air WolfSwansea, Ill.3/25/18def. Cole Radrick in tournament final
Tyler ColtonSwansea, Ill.8/5/18
DEACTIVATED8/5/18Glory Pro folds the Resurgence brand

Unofficial Continuation

Kobe Durst def. Tyler Colton on 11/11/18 at Glory Pro in Collinsville, Ill.

Joey Lynch def. Kobe Durst on 3/31/19 at Glory Pro in Belleville, Ill.

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