MMWA 10/13/18

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Rick Ruby def. Damion Cortess by countout; Deacon Cash chased Cortess away from the ring with a bat – 7:29

A.J. Williams pinned Deacon Cash with a superkick – 6:16

MMWA Championship: Brian James (c) vs. Gary Jackson was a no contest; Barackus attacked both men – 10:41

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship: Ace Hawkins pinned Da’Marius Jones (c) with a roll-up to win the title – 14:49

Tootie Lynn Ramsey pinned Camron Bra’Nae with a roundhouse kick – 9:45

Chase King def. Shawn Santel by disqualification; Mauler McDarby broke up a pin after King’s superkick – 6:34

Barackus pinned Johnny Park with a frog splash – 4:39

Curtis Wylde pinned Jaden Roller with a reverse STO – 7:54

(reverse order)

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