SICW 6/17/17

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Chris Hargas (c) pinned Sean Vincent with a fireman’s carry facebuster

Troll pinned Clint Poe with a corner slingshot splash – 4:34

Flash Flanagan def. Marc Houston by disqualification; Johnny Blade attacked Flanagan on behalf of Houston – 7:06

Moondog Rover vs. Curtis Wylde was a no contest; both men struck a referee each – 6:50

Heath Hatton pinned The Big Texan with a schoolboy – 4:42

Gary Jackson & Bobby D def. Ax Allwardt & Johnny Blade by disqualification; originally a figure-four leglock submission victory for Blade over Bobby D, the decision was reversed for Blade’s refusal to break the hold – 8:23

Dave Vaughn pinned Keith Smith Jr. with a spear – 6:48

(reverse order)

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