MMWA 10/29/11

American Legion Post 162 @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Brandon Espinosa def. Gary Jackson to win St. Louis King of Cable Cup

Stacey O’Brien def. Jimmy D

Gary Jackson def. Dave Vaughn in semifinal

TV Championship: Brandon Espinosa (c) def. LaMarcus Clinton

Brandon Espinosa def. Phil E. Blunt by count-out in semifinal

Gary Jackson def. Ace Hawkins in quarterfinal

Dave Vaughn def. Max Archer in quarterfinal

Phil E. Blunt def. Johnny Courageous in quarterfinal

Brandon Espinosa def. Big Dave Osborne in quarterfinal

Tag Team Championship: Lumberjacks Abe & Gabe def. The Big Texan & Tony Raze (c)

(reverse order)

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