Missouri Heavyweight Championship

The most recognized independent wrestling brand in Missouri and the surrounding states is Missouri Wrestling Revival.  In 2013, owner Brian Kelley and contributor Ben Simon decided to create an inter-promotional championship belt, to distinguish the top grappler in the State.

The title is on the line in every singles match the champion has in the State; it cannot be defended otherwise.

When the top two wrestlers in MWR’s computerized rankings finally squared off in 2015, the belt was awarded.  Since then, the Missouri prize has been defended more than any promotional title.  It has crossed into seven different companies.

Ricky Cruz Fenton, Mo. 10/3/15 def. Jake Dirden; wins Dynamo Pro Title as well Dynamo Pro Wrestling
Brandon Espinosa Fenton, Mo. 5/7/16 Dynamo Pro Wrestling
Barackus Saint Louis, Mo. 1/14/17 MMWA Championship Series match MMWA Wrestling
Ace Hawkins Saint Louis, Mo. 2/11/17 MMWA Championship Series match MMWA Wrestling
Brandon Espinosa Saint Louis, Mo. 5/13/17 Ladder match; MMWA Championship Series match MMWA Wrestling