MMWA 6/11/22

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

MMWA Tag Team Championship: Chris Exodus & L-Ride def. Leone Mephisto (c) in a handicap tag match to win the title (PT Beckham was injured and unable to compete); dog pile pin from a reverse neckbreaker/diving stomp combo – 9:14

MMWA Heavyweight Championship: Benjamin Trust (c) pinned Kahyman with a small package (originally a pinfall win for Kahyman, Commissioner Shaft restarted the match due to Kahyman using the ropes for illegal leverage) – 0:10

C.J. Shine vs. Andrew Wilder was a time limit draw – 15:00

Madi Exodus pinned Ashlyn Alexander with a full nelson facebuster – 6:45

Ricky Cruz & Damian Blade def. Moondog Rover & JSO (also known as Jeff O’Connor); Cruz pinned JSO with a cutter – 13:48

Flaming Freddie Fury pinned Nasty Juan Sanchez with a spinning back elbow smash – 4:27

Johnathon Zulu pinned Wyatt Tresh after falling on top from a back suplex reversal – 8:19

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Tommy Davis def. Frodo The Ghost (c) by bridging double chickenwing submission to win the title – 9:30

(reverse order)

NOTE: Flaming Freddie Fury’s first documented win ever. Was not billed as such. Crowd reaction mild.

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