WLW Heavyweight Championship

WLW Heavyweight Championship

The top prize in World League Wrestling is known as “Harley’s Belt.”  There’s good reason too!  When one becomes WLW Champion, they have the endorsement of former World Champion Harley Race as one of the best wrestlers on the indy scene.

Through WLW’s partnership with Pro Wrestling Noah, the title has been defended internationally.

Steve SharpSpringfield, Mo.2/7/99 or 2/12/99def. Greg Valentine 2-1 in Best-of-3 match
Derek StoneQuincy, Ill.4/17/99
VACANTOsage Beach, Mo.11/13/99stripped after match w/ Luminous Warrior
Derek StoneKansas City, Mo.11/14/99Awarded. Warrior is injured.
Luminous WarriorCalifornia, Mo.1/22/00
Derek StoneLexington, Mo.1/23/00
Luminous WarriorIberia, Mo.2/26/00
Mr. DestinyMexico, Mo.3/18/00
Luminous WarriorKahoka, Mo.3/31/00reversed decision DQ victory
HakuGrain Valley, Mo.4/20/00
Trevor MurdochEldon, Mo.4/22/00
GrizOsage Beach, Mo.6/17/00
HakuSpringfield, Mo.10/20/003-way w/ Mr. Destiny
The BarbarianBelle, Mo.11/3/00
GrizJoplin, Mo.11/10/00
Luminous WarriorEldon, Mo.1/20/01
Butch ReedCrocker, Mo.3/31/01
Dennis McHawesImperial, Mo.1/25/023-way w/ Ron Harris
VACANTEast St. Louis, Ill.6/29/02McHawes a no-show
Wade ChismEast St. Louis, Ill.6/29/023-way w/ Murdoch and Ace Steel
Takao OmoriOmaha, Neb.7/13/02
Steve FenderNeosho, Mo.1/4/03
HakuEl Dorado Springs, Mo.2/8/03
VACANT3/22/03stripped after match w/ Murdoch
Ron PowersKansas City, Mo.5/2/03def. Fender in tournament final
Ron HarrisEldon, Mo.7/19/03
Takeshi MorishimaTokyo, Japan9/12/03Pro Wrestling Noah event
Rick SteinerChariton, Iowa3/26/04
Takeshi MorishimaBolivar, Mo.3/27/04
Daisuke IkedaSapporo, Japan6/1/04Pro Wrestling Noah event
Rick SteinerNagoya, Japan8/1/04Pro Wrestling Noah event
Trevor MurdochColumbus, Neb.11/19/043-way w/ Chism
Ty DaltonEldon, Mo.6/4/05
Wade ChismEldon, Mo.7/23/05
VACANTEldon, Mo.1/28/06stripped after match w/ Keith Walker
Wade ChismSt. Joseph, Mo.2/24/063-way w/ Walker and Jason Bates
Jason BatesEl Dorado Springs, Mo.2/25/063-way w/ Walker
Wade ChismHarrisonville, Mo.4/15/06
Keith WalkerSt. Joseph, Mo.5/13/06
Wade ChismEldon, Mo.7/8/06lumberjack match
Daniel CrossWest Plains, Mo.8/26/063-way w/ Bates
Trevor MurdochMaryland Heights, Mo.12/9/06
Derek McQuinnWaterloo, Iowa7/13/07
Keith WalkerMaryland Heights, Mo.10/27/07
Chris MastersFordland, Mo.2/9/08
Derek McQuinnLebanon, Mo.4/25/08
VACANT9/13/08McQuinn retires due to injury
Go ShiozakiWest Plains, Mo.10/4/089-man battle royal
VACANTRichmond, Mo.1/30/09
Steve AnthonyRichmond, Mo.1/30/09def. Fender and Eugene Dinsmore in 3-way
Steve FenderEldon, Mo.3/21/09
Brian BreakerEldon, Mo.10/3/09
Trent StoneLeavenworth, Kan.3/5/10
Trevor MurdochRichmond, Mo.4/23/10
Brian BreakerBurlington, Iowa9/18/11def. Leland Race
Leland RaceRichmond, Mo.11/12/11
Britton TuckerSpringfield, Mo.11/10/12
Leland RaceRichmond, Mo.12/8/123-way w/ Jack Gamble
VACANT5/27/13vacates; tries to win again in tournament
Elvis AliagaRichmond, Mo.9/14/13def. Race in tournament final
Leland RaceRichmond, Mo.4/19/14
Ace SteelTroy, Mo.7/26/14
Leland RaceTroy, Mo.11/15/14
Trevor MurdochTroy, Mo.11/14/15
VACANT1/7/17stripped for lack of defenses
Karim BriganteTroy, Mo.2/4/17def. Race and Fender in three-way
Leland RaceRichmond, Mo.4/22/17
Jon WebbMoscow Mills, Mo.3/10/18No Holds Barred match
Derek StoneTroy, Mo.5/4/19
Leland RaceBurlington Junction, Mo.10/19/19Guest Trevor Murdoch makes count with referee unconscious
Derek StoneTroy, Mo.11/2/19Race forced to return belt; Stone’s foot was under the ropes on 10/19
MosesTroy, Mo.11/7/20won in six-man tag w/ Race & Kyle Roberts vs. Stone, Webb, & Camaro Jackson
Steve FenderTroy, Mo.10/15/222-1 in a Best-of-3 Falls match

Credit: wrestling-titles.com

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