Dynamo Pro 11/27/21

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Dynamo Pro Championship: Adrian Surge (c) def. Shadowz by cobra clutch submission

Ricky Rodriguez pinned Kahyman with a leg drop bulldog

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship: Camaro Jackson (c) pinned Fred Yehi with a lariat

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship: Mike Outlaw (c) pinned Ethan Price with a big boot

Rahim De La Suede pinned Outtkast with a 450˚ splash; Snitch held Outtkast’s foot outside the ring to prevent him from potentially kicking out

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Jackal & Tony Esteem (c) def. Eli Rossi & ATM; Jackal pinned ATM with an inverted double underhook facebuster

The Snitch def. Kemon by dragon sleeper submission

(reverse order)

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