Dynamo Pro 10/29/17

4 Hands Brewing Co @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Brandon Espinosa pinned Justin D’Air with a brainbuster – 8:37

Brandon Aarons def. Keon Option, Jackal, Thomas Munos, Tony Esteem, Graham Bell, Brandon Espinosa, The Snitch, Justin D’Air, Jaden Roller, Ricky Rodriguez, and Roy Lewis in a battle royal; Snitch is last eliminated – 13:20

Dynamo Pro Championship: Makaze (c) pinned Ricky Rodriguez with a Northern Lights suplex – 7:55

Roy Lewis pinned The Snitch with a schoolboy – 7:43

Savanna Stone pinned Rahne Victoria with a schoolboy – 6:56

Brandon Aarons pinned Jaden Roller with a diving stomp – 9:35

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship: Viktor von Stein & Xavier Shadowz def. Justin D’Air & Keon Option (c) to win the title; Shadowz pinned D’Air with a spear – 10:15

Jackal pinned Tony Esteem with a bulldog – 6:34

(reverse order)

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