SICW 11/14/15

Swansea Village Fire Department @ Swansea, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Flash Flanagan (c) def. Gary Jackson by countout – 7:55

Bobby D def. Jake Dirden, Brandon Espinosa, Jimmy D, Bubba Troll, Chris Hargas, Brent Myers, Ax Allwardt, Curtis Wylde, Daniel Gunner, Barackus, Sean Vincent, Ken Kasa, and Chaz Wesson in a battle royal; Allwardt is last eliminated – 6:30

Brandon Espinosa & Chris Hargas def. Bobby D & Ken Kasa; Espinosa pinned Bobby with a frog splash – 12:53

Jake Dirden vs. Ax Allwardt was a no contest; referee was shoved by both men when trying break a tug-o-war with Ax’s chain – 7:03

Chaz Wesson & Sean Vincent def. Bubba Troll & Curtis Wylde; Wesson pinned Troll with a diving crossbody – 13:18

Daniel Gunner pinned Jimmy D with a schoolboy – 3:52

Daniel Gunner vs. Purple Passion was a no contest; Jimmy D challenged Gunner during the match, which was then ended with the blessing of Herb Simmons – 5:03

Barackus pinned Brent Myers with a clawhold slam – 3:43

(reverse order)

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