SICW 9/7/19

Holy Family Catholic Church @ Cahokia, Ill.

Ricky Cruz & Billy McNeil def. Curtis Wylde & Kowalski in a best-of-three-falls match; McNeil DQ Wylde, Wylde PIN McNeil, McNeil pinned Kowalski with a diving elbow drop – 21:06

Gary Jackson def. Attila Khan by disqualification; Khan blatantly attacked Jackson with his fork – 5:26

Christopher Hargas pinned Bobby D with a fireman’s carry facebuster – 5:08

Ken Kasa pinned Roy Lewis with a dropkick – 6:08

Khayman pinned Jake Prater with the swanton bomb – 9:29

Multi-State Tag Team Championship: Marc Godeker & Tyler Grey def. The Big Texan & Waco (c) to win the title in an impromptu match; Grey pinned Texan from an accidental headbutt from Waco – 5:03

Multi-State Tag Team Championship: The Big Texan & Waco (c) def. Moondog Rover & Chris Kade; Waco made Kade submit to a single leg Boston crab – 11:38

SICW Tag Team Championship: Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby (c) def. Frankie D & Damion Cortess; McDarby blocked a sunset flip by Frankie D and held onto Santel from the apron for illegal leverage for the pin – 9:37

(reverse order)

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