SICW 6/18/16

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Ron Powers (c) def. Attila Khan by disqualification; Troll & Espinosa attacked Powers – 3:53

Kahagas pinned Johnny Blade with a Michinoku Driver II – 5:54

Gary Jackson & Ken Kasa def. Chris Hargas in a handicap match; the time limit expired and the team had time limit odds – 15:00

Bubba Troll pinned Jim Hoffarth with a splash from the second rope – 8:30

Brandon Espinosa def. Daniel Gunner by cross armbar submission – 7:18

Flaming Freddie Fury vs. Purple Passion was a technical countout draw; referee Terry Riley had seen enough of the phony exhibition after both men simulated a “69” position on the apron – 5:43

Bobby D pinned Dave Vaughn with a schoolboy – 5:14

Jason Vaughn def. Matt Kenway by figure-four leglock submission – 6:08

Britton Tucker def. Sean Vincent by disqualification; Dave Vaughn attacked Tucker (although not on behalf of Vincent) – 7:44

(reverse order)

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