SICW 3/26/16

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Classic Wrestling Championship: Flash Flanagan (c) def. Ken Kasa by countout; Espinosa & Hargas attacked Kasa outside the ring behind the ref’s back – 12:30

Sean Vincent & Jim Hoffarth def. Dave Vaughn & Ax Allwardt; Vincent pinned Vaughn – 12:43

Gary Jackson def. Waco by disqualification; Curtis Wylde and Wyldefyre attacked Jackson – 6:57

Jason Vaughn def. Jeff Blair by figure-four leglock submission – 6:18

Brandon Espinosa & Chris Hargas def. Ron Powers & Daniel Gunner; Espinosa made Gunner submit with a cross armbar – 10:20

Britton Tucker vs. Dillon Bass was a time limit draw – 10:00

Osby Tomlin pinned Jimmy D with a lariat – 6:41

Bobby D def. Bubba Troll by disqualification; Troll threw Bobby over the top rope – 7:01

(reverse order)

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