Anarchy 1/21/22

Spaulding Club @ Alton, Ill.

Gateway Heritage Championship: Gary Jay (c) pinned Billie Starkz with a rolling elbow in a No Disqualification match – 17:22

Jake Dirden & Moonshine Mantell def. Kevin Lee Davidson & Dak Draper; Mantell pinned Draper with an Alabama Slam – 12:18

Kody Lane, Matt Kenway, & S.K. Bishop def. Victor Analog, Marcus Mathers, & Mysterious Q; Bishop got Analog in an anklelock and Kenway locked on a camel clutch at the same time, leading to Analog tapping out to the double submission – 12:05

Aaron Williams pinned Davey Vega with a buzzsaw kick

Derek Neal pinned Camaro Jackson with a low blow and schoolboy – 6:30

Jeremy Wyatt def. Christian Rose by dragon sleeper submission – 12:32

Evan Gelistico def. Deacon Cash by chickenwing over-the-shoulder crossface submission – 4:58

Thomas Shire pinned Manders with a fisherman buster – 5:45

Anakin Murphy pinned Adrian Surge with a bodyscissors into a rana – 8:23

Chase Holliday pinned Austin Connelly with a spinning backfist – 4:55

(reverse order)

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