GCW 12/3/22

Pop’s NightClub & Concert Venue @ Sauget, Ill.

GCW Championship: Nick Gage (c) pinned Cole Radrick with a piledriver from the middle turnbuckle through a glass pane – 12:12

Tony Deppen def. Jordan Oliver by scissored armbar submission with head strikes

Effy pinned John Wayne Murdoch with a jackknife hold

Jimmy Lloyd pinned Jake Lander with a double-underhook back-to-back piledriver

GCW Tag Team Championship: Miedo Extremo & Ciclope (c) def. Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio and Mance Warner & Matthew Justice in a tornado match; Ciclope pinned Justice with a schoolboy

Sawyer Wreck pinned Mad Man Pondo with a chokeslam onto a chair

Shane Mercer & Axton Ray def. Davey Bang & August Matthews; Mercer pinned Bang with a fallaway moonsault slam

Starboy Charlie def. Jack Cartwheel by scissored armbar submission

(reverse order)

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