SICW 12/12/21

East Carondelet Community Center @ East Carondelet, Ill.

Kowalski pinned Billy McNeil with the corner slingshot splash – 6:27

Flash Flanagan pinned Richard Shaw with a superplex – 2:05

Sean Vincent def. Jimmy Razor by straitjacket camel clutch submission – 2:01

Franco Varga pinned Niles Plonk via spinning uranagi – 6:55

The Big Texan pinned Rick Ruby with a lariat – 3:05

Mauler McDarby def. David Lee Walker by armbar/headscissors submission – 2:13

Jason Breed vs. Frankie D was a no contest; Travis Cook passed Frankie’s chair into the match and the wrestlers fought over it – 2:43

Richard Shaw pinned Tony Raze with a spinning side slam – 2:55

Flash Flanagan pinned Mauler McDarby; the referee stopped McDarby from using a chair, but Flash hit McDarby with his kendo stick as the official was getting rid of the chain and then scored the pin – 3:55

Niles Plonk pinned Ken Kasa with a rollup – 5:50

Frankie D pinned David Lee Walker with the cobra clutch Russian legsweep – 3:49

Billy McNeil pinned Richard Shaw after a diving kneedrop on a seated Shaw – 2:00

(reverse order)

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