Dynamo Pro 7/27/19

Concordia Turners @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Mike Outlaw def. Ricky Cruz and C.J. Shine in a three-way heavyweight title eliminator; Shine is pinned with a diving elbow drop – 8:53

Dynamo Pro Women’s Championship: Rahne Victoria (c) pinned The Snitch with a schoolboy (DPW owner Crystal Yount declared the match as being for the title) – 9:17

Jackal pinned Xavier Shadowz with a small package – 5:06

Camaro Jackson pinned Ezra Zealous with a running knee strike

Big Vik (formerly Viktor von Stein) pinned Geoffrey Hyde with a running leg drop – 6:45

Shiroi Senshi def. Garrett Shanks by armlock submission – 5:37

Khalil Akbar pinned Outtkast with a roll-up – 12:37

(reverse order)

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