Glory Pro 5/22/21

South Broadway Athletic Club @ Saint Louis, Mo.

Crown of Glory Championship: Jake Something def. Myron Reed and Rohit Raju (formerly Hakim Zane) in a three-way to win the vacant title; Reed is pinned with a spinning side slam – 16:20

Lee Moriarty pinned Paco with a lifting reverse STO – 11:25

Arik Cannon pinned Dan the Dad after hitting him unseen with Dan’s own belt wrapped around Cannon’s fist – 11:48

Kody Lane pinned Jake Lander with a springboard moonsault – 12:18

Impact X Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Mike Outlaw was a time limit draw; Outlaw’s Crown of Glory contendership was on the line as well – 30:00

Allie Katch (formerly Allie Kat ) def. Blair Onyx by Boston crab submission – 13:33

Seishin def. Ethan Price, Xavier Walker, Storm Grayson, Joe Demaro, and Rahim De La Suede in a six-way; Price is pinned with a small package – 7:32

Chris Hendrix & A.T.M. def. Matt Knicks & Chris Castro; Hendrix pinned Castro with a 450˚ splash – 10:16

Kendall Beck pinned Alan Taylor with a Death Valley driver – 6:01

(reverse order)

NOTE: After the first match, it is announced that AJ Gray is stripped of the Crown of Glory Championship due to a knee injury. The three-way main event is made after the participants stated their cases immediately after.

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